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Friday, July 12, 2019

Android Game Vs iOS Game Development - What ought to A Developer Choose?

1. Development

Android takes longer than iOS. one in every of the prime reasons for this can be the testing method. whereas iOS games need to be tested in an exceedingly tiny range of devices (iPhones and iPads), robot games need to be tested in an exceedingly} big variety of devices and this can be very time intense. Again, once testing, once bugs are found and stuck, the testing has got to be done once more for all those devices. As a result, robot game development takes a substantial quantity of your time as compared to iOS game development.

2. Devices supporting the OS

One has got to take into account the devices supporting these platforms before creating the choice on that platform to use for game development. If you happen to be in robot game development, you have got to consider developing for the myriads of robot devices accessible within the market. There area unit several firms producing robot devices and every one these devices keep company with completely different specifications as regards to the hardware used, the screen size, screen resolution, etc. thus once one develops AN robot game, he has got to make sure that the sport works in an exceedingly multitude of devices.

Apple, on the opposite hand, produces a restricted range of devices, and therefore iOS game development isn't as difficult, because it has got to take into thought a way lower form of devices as compared to robot.

3. Revenue generation

A mobile app generates revenue in an exceedingly range of the way, which incorporates app purchase, in app purchases, advertising, subscription, etc. it's been found that the App Store (the app distribution platform in iOS) generates over double the revenue generated by Google Play (the app distribution platform in Android). this can be as a result of most of the apps and games accessible within the App Store area unit premium and users need to pay to transfer and use them. However, once it involves the amount of downloads Google Play scores over iOS as a result of the choice of free downloading of apps and games, further because the banging range of robot users. This doesn't mean that there are not any premium games accessible in Google Play; but, they're a lot of less as compared to iOS. Revenue generation in robot apps is especially because of in app purchases, value per install, advertisements, and by providing a paid version of the apps with additional options.

It all depends on the developer on however he desires to form cash from the sport. However, for a faster come on investment, iOS looks to be the perfect platform for game development.

4. Design

When it involves games, the additional they give the impression of being real, a additional immersive expertise they supply. And this can be one space wherever robot excels on top of iOS. whereas games in iOS devices look flat and you're feeling like taking part in "just another second game on a flat surface", Google's UI parts offer seams, shadows and edges, that make sure that the sport incorporates a additional authentic look.

5. Investment

iOS games needs one to use the XCode IDE with the iOS SDK. XCode IDE runs solely on MacBooks ANd to develop an iOS game, one would wish to shop for a MacBook with a fairly high configuration, which is able to convince be a pricey affair.


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